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300 Watt Mono Amplifier.



1. 3×2SC5200 Transistor.
2. 3×2SA1943 Transistor.
3. 1×C5198 Transistor.
4. 1×A1941 Transistor.
5. 1×TIP42C Transistor.
6. 2×C2229 Transistor.
7. 2×A1015 Transistor.
8. 1×C1815 Transistor.
9. 2×47uF capacitor 50/63V.
10. 2×100pF (101) capacitor 100V.
11. 2×470pF (471) capacitor 100V.
12. 1×0.47uF (474) capacitor 50V/ 100V.
13. 1×0.1uF (104) capacitor 250V.
14. 6×0.33Ω resistor 5W
15. 1×10Ω resistor 5W.
16. 2×100Ω resistor 1W.
17. 1×10Ω resistor 1W.
18. 1×4.7kΩ resistor 1W.
19. 6×2.2Ω-10Ω resistor 1/2W.
20. 1×33Ω resistor 1/4W.
21. 3×150Ω resistor 1/4W.
22. 1×1kΩ resistor 1/4W.
23. 1×4.7kΩ resistor 1/4W.
24. 1×10kΩ resistor 1/4W.
25. 2×56kΩ resistor 1/4W.
26. 1×33kΩ resistor 1/4W.
27. 2×3.3kΩ resistor 1/4W.
28. 3×Diode 1N4007.
29. 1×Zener Diode 24V 1W.

License:- ©Technical Mriganka. You can't use this PCB Layout and Gerber File for commercial purpose. You can use this PCB layout and Gerber file only for Educational and DIY projects.

PCB Layout & Schematic:-

Lets Build This Amplifier

Hello Friends, in this post I make a 300 Watts mono amplifier. This is a class AB mono amplifier. Which can deliver up to 450 Watts RMS output at 4Ω ±65V, Test frequency 1khz. And 300 Watts RMS output at 8Ω ±70V, Test frequency 1khz. For this amplifier I used 3 pair of 2SC5200 and 2SA1943 Transistor. For designing my PCB, I used EasyEda online software. Then I export the Gerber file (which you can download). And then I go to for manufacturing my PCB. PCBWay are the largest PCB manufacturer in China. They offer Standard PCB, Advanced PCB, Rigid-Flex PCB, SMD-Stencil and PCB Assembly Service. Here you get, 100x100mm 2 Layer PCB only at $5, And processing time within 24 hour. And they distribute, worldwide. The more you order, the less price you have to pay.

You just need to upload the Gerber File, and select the quantity, color, silkscreen, thickness etc. Then select your country, and shipping method and then Pay. PCBWay will deliver your PCB within 7-10 days.

After one week I have received my PCB. You can see the PCB quality, it's awesome. I have ordered Yellow PCB. But you can choose your PCB color. PCBWay provide total 9 color solder mask - Green, Blue, Red, Purple, Black, White, Yellow, Matte Black and Matte Green. On PCBWay you can get 100x100mm 2 Layer PCB only at $5. Maximum size PCB you can get 500x1100mm. And maximum Layer is up to 14 Layers. And If you order PCB first time at PCBWay, then you get a $5 discount coupon. So upload your Gerber today and get best quality PCB.

Testing Method After Complete This Amplifier

Series light test:- After complete this board don't forget to series light test. When you will on this amplifier via series light, it glow for some time (1 - 2 sec). Then series light will turned off fully. If the series light will fully turned off, then check the voltages.

Check Voltages:- Bias volt 0.5V to 0.7V. Check Speaker Output and Audio Input voltage. Here you get no voltages 0.00V. If you get same voltages, then connect preamplifier to input and connect speaker to output.

Power Supply:- Recommended transformer 45-0-45V to 50-0-50V 8A-10A. For rectifier you can use GBJ2510 bridge rectifier and 2 pcs 6800uF-10000uF Capacitor.

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