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Earphone Condenser Mic. [In Details]

How To Connect Earphone Condenser Mic. [In Details]

first you want this type of condenser mic.

How to find [+] and [-] in mic.....??

First you want a multimeter  for test it. Then connect multimeter one probe on mic body and multimeter second probe connect on any pin of mic. If multimeter show any beep, that pin is ground[-] pin. And mic second pin is [+].

How to make earphone condenser mic circuit........??

watch this video for better understanding

This things are required to make it............

1.👉 1 pcs 1uf capacitor...........

2.👉 1 pcs 1.5k resistor...........

Circuit Diagram

*Connect 1uf capacitor and 1.5k resistor on mic [+] pin. [connect after watch circuit diagram]

*Then capacitor second side pin is mic output. And resistor second side pin is dc [5-6] volt input.

* Then connect wire on capacitor, resistor, and gnd output pin [I connect green wire on capacitor output pin for mic output, red wire on capacitor dc voltage pin for dc (5-6) volt input, yellow and black wire for gnd.]

* Then connect mic output wire, input of any amplifier.

*Then connect 5-6 volt dc input on mic. [I connect red wire on battery (+) and black wire on battery (-).]

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