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Old Audio Module Connection

Old Audio Module Connection

first you want this type board.

How To Wiring This Board..........??

watch this video for better understanding

This things are required for wiring this..................

1. some connecting wires.
2. sensor.
3. USB socket.
4. 3.5mm audio input socket.[AUX]

How to input power in this board..........??

5 volt and gnd that you can see.

now connect two wire in this board. I used red for [+] and black for [-]. Then connect 5 volt on red wire and ground connect to black wire.

How to connect sensor on this board.......??

First you want this type sensor. Sensor right side pin for 3.3 volt, middle pin for gnd, and left side pin for signal.

Now connect right side pin in 3.3 volt, middle pin in gnd, and left side pin in IRDO [signal].

Now connect sensor on this board watch this picture.

How to connect USB socket on this board........??

first you have this type USB socket .

Now connect these wire on back of USB socket board. White wire for [+ 5 VOLT] Green wire for [D-] Blue wire for [D+] and Black wire for [GND].

Now connect White wire to [+ 5 VOLT] Green wire to [D-] Blue wire to [D+] and Black wire to [GND].

How to connect AUX socket in this board.........??

first you have this type AUX socket.

AUX socket upper side pin is gnd, middle side pin is [L audio], and down side pin is [R audio]. Now connect wires on this AUX socket. I connect yellow wire for gnd, green wire for audio L, and red wire for audio R.

Now connect red wire to AUXR, yellow wire to GND, and green wire to AUXL.

Now watch this picture and connect AUX socket to this board. 

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