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LM2576 ic mobile charger by 12 volt battery with 3 amp high output.

LM2576 ic mobile charger

This things are required to make it............

1.👉 LM2576 ic 5 volt..........

2.👉 1 pcs 100uf capacitor...........

3.👉 1 pcs 100uh inductor............

4.👉 1 pcs IN5822 diode............

5.👉 1pcs 1000uf capacitor...........

Watch This Video For Better Understanding

circuit diagram of LM2576 ic

*Now watch the circuit diagram and follow my steps to make this charger.

*First you want LM2576 ic (5 volt). Watch the picture, you can see ic pinout.

1 no pin...........Input

2 no pin...........Output

3 no pin...........Gnd

4 no pin...........Feedback

5 no pin...........On-Off

*Then attached the ic with heat sink, after appling heat paste/ cumpaund.


*Then connect 100uf capacitor with ic's 1 no pin. Connect capacitor [+] with ic's 1 no pin and connect capacitor [-] pin with gnd.

*Then connect IN5822 (3 ampere) diode on ic,s 2 no pin. Connect diode [-] with ic's 2 no pin and connect diode [+] with gnd.

*Then connect 100uh inductor's first pin with ic;s 2 no pin.

*Then short ic's 3 no pin to ic's 5 no pin by wire, and then connect the wire with gnd. [connect after watch circuit diagram]

*Then connect 1000uf capacitor [+] with inductor second pin and connect capacitor [-] pin with gnd. [connect after watch circuit diagram].

*Then short ic's 4 no pin to 1000uf capacitor's [+] pin, by wire.

*Watch the picture. ic's 1 no pin 7-40 volt dc input. Where 100uh inductor and 1000uf capacitor's [+] pin connected there is output 5 volt dc with 3 ampere. And where IN5822 diode's [+] and 1000uf capacitor [-] connected there is gnd.  [connect after watch circuit diagram].

*Now your circuit is ready. Check voltage by multimeter.

Thank you,

Technical Mriganka...........

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  1. You are best! Thanks share this project.

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