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Dual Band stereo tone control

Hello Friends, in this post I make a 2 band stereo tone control. In this tone control, you can control High and Low frequency. For this tone control I have used NE5532 IC. But in place of NE5532 IC, you can also use TL072 or 4558D IC. In this tone control, you can control the high mid and low frequency. For designing my PCB, I used EasyEda online software. Then I export the Gerber file (which you can download). And then I go to NextPCB for manufacturing my PCB.

You just need to upload the Gerber File, and select the quantity, color, silkscreen, thickness etc. Then select your country, and shipping method and then Pay. NextPCB will deliver your PCB within 7-10 days.

After 8 days later I received My Package. You can see the PCB quality, it's awesome. I have ordered Green PCB. But you can choose your PCB color.

PCB Layout & Schematic:-

License:- ©Technical Mriganka. You can't use this PCB Layout and Gerber File for commercial purpose. You can use this PCB layout and Gerber file only for Educational and DIY projects.

Power Supply:- Use 12-0-12V, 750mA-1A Transformer.

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